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Welcome to my first blog.  

This blog is to share the information I have accumulated over the past 10 years that will help tomorrow's decision makers do a better job at being the guardians of their pets.   We are continuing to kill 4-8 million happy, healthy dogs and cats annually in this country because of decisions that the adults have made.


The outrageous amount of unnecessary bloodshed Americans levy against millions of healthy happy dogs annually is the Elephant in the room!!!    Clearly, the larger animal protection organizations are not going to solve this problem - none even have any 'boots on the ground' staff nor volunteers to assist in the education of our current or future guardians.. By doing nothing to educate the next generation of pet owners/guardians, we condemn the millions and billions of pets yet to be born, to the same unforgiving fate.  Very sad for a 'civilized' society.

21st Century CARES is dedicated to supporting animal welfare, operating rescue facilities for domesticated animals, and teaching humane education to all current and future guardians. 21st Century CARES has implemented a model program in instructing youth about the humanitarian treatment of fellow creatures. This program primarily moves to reach all students in grades 5-12, and targets troubled and at risk teens by introducing students to rescued companion dogs. It

Our program delivers a comprehensive and innovative program that helps them learn empathy, understanding, compassion and responsibility towards animals and, by extension, other human beings. 21st CARES partners with the courts and public school systems to reach out in a creative way to young people who are in need of positive role models and productive ways to channel their energies. The organization also assists animal protection organizations and parent groups with implementing humane education. 

In 2010, adults in this country made decisions that ultimately resulted in the unnecessary killing of over 8 million healthy companion animals!   This is based on simple ignorance. Our children could make better decisions for the future if only given the proper information on which to base their decisions.  We must only show them that 21st Century CARES!

By expanding the parameters of what people think they know and showing what many refuse to see, we can see an end to animal abuse and pet overpopulation in our lifetime.  It is clear that the problems will not be solved by the large animal organizations, but, by thinking outside the box.  We provide the building blocks to implement your own humane education programs & to begin making changes at the local level.  With over 1,000 pages of lesson plans for K-12, troubled and at risk teens, humane religion & research articles, we'll help you keep this idea alive!!!

At some point in time, we must all make the decision to stop exhausting our energies and resources that place their focus on only cleaning up yesterday's messes and to decide we want to see solutions that will protect the animals yet to be born as well.  We must not lose perspective of our collective goals.  We must expand our horizons to choose those campaigns that will help us to accomplish the most and save more animals in the long run.   The animals who exist today are a very tiny percentage of the animals who will be abused and ultimately killed in coming years and decades.  

Paying excessive attention to those who suffer today is condemning millions more to suffer the same fate - simply born from human ignorance - and yet another blow to the failing animal welfare and animal rights movement's ultimate goals.  We can't begin to win the game if only part of our team understands the rules.  These animals are DYING for humans to learn how to work smarter and not harder!  Humane Education is the best...... no, the ONLY means we have of accomplishing these goals!

Throughout my time posting on this blog, I will preach, bitch, moan, grown, complain and degrade  the larger national animal welfare organizations for taking millions of dollars each year from donors who mistakenly think they are helping this problem by donating.  But, in all honesty, the larger orgs (Humane Society of the United States, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and others) could have and should have been doing alot more along these lines over the past 50 years, but if they did it well, it could greatly reduce the amount of money coming in from the general public.  Afterall, a good solid education program might just put an end to many of the abuse cases we hear of as well as curb the overpopulation program, too.

If this were to happen,  then they couldn't hire those whores to sing songs on commercials while showing sad and injured puppies and kittens to get everyone to donate out of sympathy and a desire to 'help' these poor creatures.

I've actually been in the classroom - in 12 states - addressed nearly 5,000 young kids that someday will become the guardian of their very own pets.  I've seen the interest they have in resolving these issues.  I've heard the very thoughtful questions they've asked after my presentation has ended.  I've noticed the shock and horror on the faces of the teachers, adults who oversee the students' activities and especially on the faces of all the students when they hear what we're doing, how long we've been doing it, how monumental it is and how simply it could all be stopped.

Throughout my time posting on this blog, I will also do what I can to provide substantive information that others can use at no charge, to edit into a presentation that is customized for any community in America as well as in the words of the person(s) who will be visiting the schools to speak.

After all,  we can't even begin to see any improvements in these problems unless and until we find a way to reach out to each and every young student we have in this country BEFORE they find themselves in a situation that will only perpetuate the foolishness of the current day and time.  


AND DO IT WITH A GAME PLAN that will bring the best results for the time dedicated. - in other words, to have a good plan of attack can mean the difference between reaching 50 students or reaching all the 5th, 6th and 7th graders in a single day's time either by  addressing an assembly with all in attendance, or to spend the entire day at that given school so you can visit with each grade level while you are there.

There will be much more to come. I hope you'll join me, learn, and ultimately decide to begin your own educational efforts in and around your local community.



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