Wednesday, June 5, 2013

$50 Million will change the face of education and civilization forever.

A one-time expenditure of $50 million would bring humane education to our nations' schools
Due to the fact that I am not only proposing a philosophical conceptual framework regarding the effectiveness of Humane Education, but I am also a practitioner applying my theory within practical contexts, I consider myself an action researcher. In other words, I don’t only provide the rationale and philosophical underpinnings of my work, I actually go out there and apply it hands on. Furthermore, I am collaborating with professional researchers who are capable of taking my findings (i.e. data) and analyzing and interpreting those findings (i.e. scientifically based research).

Although Americans have been donating a billion dollars annually to their favorite animal protection group (that's AFTER the nearly one billion they also pay in taxes for local and area animal control efforts) for over 25 years, we still see few tangible results. I am so determined to prove that my idea is a likely solution to many if not most of our problems, that I have outlined it to the best of my ability. We may need to include in this budget the cost for professional research to offer the educators, who don't care about humane education but do care about science, math and reading test scores, that our program can improve all of the above.
So, with $2 billion each year going mainly to salaries, condos, jet planes, office buildings and printing costs to raise more funds for next year, I'm asking for just $50 million on a one time basis to start this idea rolling on a   nationwide scale that will undoubtedly prove its cause worthy. However, thus far, I've not even been able to fill the $50 million costs.

Each State would receive money for advertising in all newspapers that serve communities of 20,000 residents or more. These stats would be from the most recent census. The ads would be larger than the average ad to garner attention. With this endeavor, it is hoped that we would gain substantial media attention as well - helping to further our cause of gaining the attention of all those who believe in humane education and would be willing to volunteer in some way.

I would like to incorporate this within my tour if possible. My presence in cities, when I have five big dogs that are traveling with me across country, usually gets front page photo coverage and several other interviews on TV news, etc.

I'd have several packages of information to send out. I would also send one for the person who is organizing the program (i.e. Program Coordinator) and another for the people who would actually go into the schools with me. My informational packet would outline every possible need and the steps to take. Therefore, I would be responsible for long distance calls, printing, envelopes and postage costs. Obviously, I need the funds to complete these tasks.

These funds could also include supplying people with some travel expenses or a post office box rental, etc. It would be very important to assure the continuation of the local marketing for volunteers for up to two years after the initial local programs begin for simple attrition. We would want them to run this as a volunteer 'business' and to become non profit. From that point on, they could be named anything they wanted and continue getting grants at will.

NOBODY anywhere is doing anything along these lines at all.Everyone is too wrapped up in their own little efforts (noble, but highly individualized) to really recognize the need for change or the importance of having a human being who will actully address tomorrow's decision makers is person with some 'live aides' to make it interesting.   MOST EVERY ''humane education'' organization is still just a bunch of paper pushers. They offer materials on their website, but that is no guarantee ANYONE is reading it or putting it to use.  Others pride themselves by sending thousands and thousands of copies of an animal magazine to schools.   Still no real proof that they are being read by any students.  All are supportive of Humane Education and will do class presentations when asked, but don't go looking for them and many even charge for their services.

We'll use 100 communities in each state for a guideline and simplification for this time.

The simple breakdown of costs is provided below:
50 states times 100 communities = 5,000 community newspapers. Each with an ad in their main  paper every Sunday for 50 weeks. That is 250,000 ads to run with each ad running $100. That's $25 million right there.

Packages of info:
Brochure costs: $3 each (copies of additional info included cost would be $2 each). Envelopes would cost an additional 50 cents each and postage would be $1, totaling $6.50
Each city would need up to 10 of the start up packages. That is $ 325,000. Each city could ask for up to 100 volunteer kits at $8 each (additional info included from start up) $4million

I would still need to add in long distance phone charges and other miscellaneous items. My tour will cost $175,000 including motor home, gas, insurance, printing and food. After the tour, I can donate the motor home or resell it to get some money back.
Follow-up marketing for ads in newspapers to cover attrition and misc expenses would be included $12million   (half of the original $25million)
Total so far is only $42million.

Access to any and all information distributed would be available online from my site. No charge.
I don't want to ask for a penny that I won't need. I want to CLEARLY PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that humane education has its place in a civilized society and that it has benefits that are visible within 5 years of start up and even more at the ten year span.

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