Sunday, June 30, 2013


From the moment that President John F. Kennedy announced his vision for an American Space Program, it was only 8 years later that the USA successfully landed a man on the moon.

This week, the Supreme Court shot down the Defense of Marriage Act - opening the door for same sex couples to legally wed and enjoy the exact same benefits of all marriages before them.  Keep in mind that the Justices of the Supreme Court actually scoffed and joked about this very issue in 2003, stating that the Supreme Court of America would never ever be asked to hear a case on this issue because at that time, only 18% of Americans favored gay marriages.  Here we are just ten years later and they've heard and subsequently ruled in favor of them having the ability to legally marry - anything other than, would be blatant and outright discrimination against gays - a violation of our constitution.

I bring this up ONLY to show that America surely has the marketing prowess to change the world and, with a simple and direct campaign, can literally sway the behavior and opinions of the majority of our citizens in a short but rather reasonable period of time.

Knowing this, I'm bewildered to think that so many Americans claim to love their dogs and cats but nobody is even trying to get a viable and substantive campaign for humane education for our future decision makers.  It's easier to build an army of young people than it is to try and change the mindsets of grown adults.

These problems are ones that are resolvable with a minimal amount of money, some well planned local and regional groups of interested parties that have the intellect to see the benefits for the millions and billions of animals yet to be born.  Because we certainly are never going to 'rescue' our way out of the overpopulation problem.

So, if we had the people and programs and permissions all in place to start today across the country, we could actually experience a drastic and recognizable reduction of unwanted litters, ignorance and apathy towards pets including the growing number of abuse cases in this country.  We could see the changes by 2023.

But, we just don't have the interest of the general public, can't convince the animal rescuers and activists that a program would be viable and still have a good bit of work in the actual curriculum we would present.

Knowing that we 'could' see a noticeable reduction in killings and abuse cases within a decade, is anyone out there that can tell me why nobody anywhere is working on this or why nobody even seems to care?

Fact:  Over 3,000 non profit rescue orgs in America spent an estimated 3 billion man hours rescuing dogs and cats in 2010.  Who knows how much money they actually spent.  Ultimately they were successful in preventing over 92,000 dogs and cats from unnecessary euthanasia.

In spite of their efforts, we still killed between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats across the nation that year.

I just wish people could see that 'rescuing' is much like cleaning up yesterday's mess. I would think intelligent folks would prefer to prevent it from happening in the first place.

If you have ideas or thoughts on this, please let me know so I can then work on countering those fears or apathy. I'm serious and really hope to hear from some of you.

Randy Warner

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