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Protecting the Modern "Noah's Ark"

A $1 million campaign of print, television, and radio advertisements to urge Congress to keep the Endangered Species Act has been launched by the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) on behalf of more than 1,000 churches nationwide.
Calvin DeWitt, co-founder of the network and an environmental studies professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said, "The Endangered Species Act allows not only for the preservation of the species but of their homes." He called the act "the Noah's Ark of our day."
Formed in 1993 as part of Evangelicals for Social Action, the EEN's current campaign counters the perception that conservative Christians are often at odds with environmentalists, DeWitt said. He hoped to mobilize an estimated 30 million to 50 million evangelicals by distributing 30,000 "Creation Care" packets across the country, urging church members to participate in local nature preservation activities and to organize as "Noah congregations."
The EEN has affiliates that include a group of 88 evangelical colleges and the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, with a membership of 27,000 students on nearly 600 campuses and several other Christian groups for young people.
Evangelicals for Social Action, a theologically conservative but politically liberal group, has been addressing social questions since the 1970s. The group is part of a larger effort spearheaded by the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, joining different religious traditions with secular environmentalism. Providing the financial backing is the Environmental Information Center, a Washington-based nonprofit group formed in early 1995 to work on environmental issues with religious, scientific, consumer and health groups that are not primarily part of environmental movement.
Quoting from the book of Genesis, DeWitt said the story of Noah and the Ark is "the first endangered species act proclaimed in written history." Its conclusion, DeWitt noted, is a covenant with the creator to sustain all life.
THE HOLOCAUST CONTROVERSY: How and why the fate of animals and the fate of humans were linked together
DOMINION: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals and the Call to Mercy....An overview of the book that has broken through media barriers to reach the general public.
Is Vegetarianism a Virtue? Is Carnivorism A Vice?...Can the eating of flesh become an anomaly  in our Western culture?
JESUS, OVID, AND VEGETARIANISM: Was the Christ less compassionate than the Pagan?
THE CARNIVOROUS SHEPHERDS: The Prophets Zechariah and Ezekiel condemned those who ate the flesh of sheep.
JESUS, THE MONEYCHANGERS & ANIMAL SACRIFICE. The moneychangers were not the target of Christ's outrage.
ANIMAL RIGHTS: Contemporary Concern or Ongoing Issue?...........From the keynote address given at the 7th annual EarthCare Conference.
RELIGION: FRIEND OR FOE OF ANIMAL Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D, author of "Judaism and Vegetarianism."
EASTERTIME AND THE LAMBS OF GOD. Warning: this article may be offensive to carniverous Christians
The Christmas Story: Glad Tidings for All Creatures
THE IMMORALITY OF WEARING FUR...Buying, selling or wearing fur manages to violate three of the ten commandments
GOD'S COVENANT WITH ANIMALS: excerpts from the newly published book written by the editor of Humane Religion publications.
God and Chick-fil-A   Claiming that it is God who has made you prosperous, doesn't make it so.
BOOK BONUS: Read the first chapter of THEY SHALL NOT HURT OR DESTROY: Animal Rights and Vegetarianism in the Western Religious tradition. Written by Vasu Murti, this book has been endorsed by ministers, rabbis and representatives of animal rights organizations like PETA and THE FUND FOR ANIMALS.
AQUINAS, ANIMAL RIGHTS & CHRISTIANITY: The spiritual ignorance and prejudice of long-dead men continues to make life a hell-on-earth for animals.
"His Eye Is On The Sparrow"....Not a sparrow falls to earth without God's knowledge and concern.
ANIMAL SACRIFICE IN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES.....Animal sacrifices are currently
taking place and there are no plans to stop them.

JESUS - ESSENES - DEAD SEA SCROLLS: The Dead Sea Scrolls give information about the kind of world in which Jesus lived.
THE COMPASSIONATE PAGAN: Spiritual understanding takes root wherever it finds fertile ground.
ALBERT SCHWEITZER: His Christianity embraced and served all God's

ON KILLING CARROTS: In a sermon heard 'round the world, a Christian minister equates eating plants with eating animals.
SPIRITUAL PIONEERS: Animal Activists as Spiritual Pioneers. An Editorial by J.R.Hyland.
LIFE ATER DEATH: Animals And Humans, together in heavenly places
ANIMAL SACRIFICE: Both Jews and Christians support the restoration of Temple sacrifices in Jerusalem
HOMO SAPIENS: Was Adam created to be master of creation or was he a caretaker/gardener?
ECOLOGY AND CHRISTIAN ACTIVISTS: The Christian concern for environmental causes is not animal-friendly.
AFTER THE FALL: GENESIS 3:21: Does Genesis 3:21 really portray God as the world's first murderer?
KILLING IN JONESBORO: An editorial by J. R. Hyland - From the May/June 1998 issus of Humane Religion
THE LION WHO LAY DOWN WITH THE LAMB. The True Story Of A Vegetarian Lion.
SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT. The relationship between the sacrifice of animals at the Jerusalem Temple, and the crucifixion of Jesus.
JEWS, CHRISTIANS, AND HUNTING. When it comes to the matter of hunting, there is a wide divergence between Jewish and Christian tradition.
GOD'S COVENANT WITH ALL CREATURES. Both Ministers and scholars ignore God's covenantal relationship with animals.
WHY METHUSELAH LIVED SO LONG. The Bible posits a relationship between longevity and vegetarianism.
ANIMAL AND HUMAN COMPANIONS. The book of Genesis tells us that animals were expressly created by God as companions for human beings.
THE BIBLICAL BASIS OF VEGETARIANISM. Carnivorism represents just as much of a fall from Grace as does any other sin.
THE NEW MAN? When killing animals is represented as an opportunity for spiritual growth.
THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED: One Man's Journey To A Compassionate Lifestyle.

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For those interested in joining the religious animal rights movement, resources which may be helpful are listed below.
International Network for Religion and Animals (INRA), P.O. Box 77591, Washington, DC 20013-7591. Publications, videos, and resource kits for all major religions can be obtained from INRA.
Fox, Michael. Animals, Nature and Religion. Washington: The Humane Society of the United States (2100 L Street, Washington, DC 20037. Also available through INRA).
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Animal Sacrifice in Islam
M.I. Siddiqui

The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

Ted Andrews

Animal Spirits
Nicholas J. Saunders

Animal Spirits the Shared World Sacrific
Nicholas J. Saunders

Animal Theology
Andrew Linzey

Animals and Trinitarian Doctrine:
A Study in the Theology of Karl Barth

Andrew Linzey

Animals on the Agenda:
Questions About Animals for Theology and Ethics

Andrew Linzey, Dorothy Yamamoto (Editors)

Bestiary for St. Jerome:
A Study of Animal Symbolism in European Religious Art

Herbert Freidmann

The Bible According to Noah:
Theology as If Animals Mattered

Gary Kowalski

Bless the Beasts:
A Spirituality of Animal Care

Jeffrey G. Sobosan

Can a Darwinian Be a Christian?:
The Relationship Between Science and Religion

Michael Ruse

Cat, Dog and Horse Lectures, and “The Beyond”
Barbara Hannah

Circles of Compassion:
A Collection of Humane Words and Work

by Elaine Sichel (Editor)

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates
Gary Kurz

Compassion for All Creatures:
An Inspirational Guide for Healing the Ostrich Syndrome
Janice Gray Kolb, Robert Kolb (Editor)

Dominion of Love:
Animal Rights According to the Bible

Norm Phelps

The Power of Man, The Suffering of Animals,
and the Call to Mercy

Matthew Scully

Earth Prayers From Around the World:
365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocation for Honoring the Earth

Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon

Animal Powers of Britain

Anna Franklin

God Barking in Church:
And Further Glimpses of Animal Welfare

Eilleen Gardner Galer, Gregory J. Kroitzsh (Editor)

God’s Covenant with Animals:
A Biblical Basis for the Humane

J.R. Hyland

God’s Messengers:
What Animals Teach Us about the Divine

Allen and Linda Anderson

Good Eating:
The Christian Practice of Everyday Life
Stephen H. Webb

Good News For All Creation
Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D., Nathan Braun

Good News for Animals?
Christian Approaches to Animal Well-Being
Charles Pinches, Jay B. McDaniel (Editor)

The Hidden Powers of Animals:
Uncovering the Secrets of Nature

Karl P. N. Shuker

Is God a Vegetarian?:
Christianity, Vegetarianism and Animal Rights

Richard Alan Young, Carol J. Adams

Judaism and Animal Rights:
Classical and Contemporary Responses

Roberta Kalechofsky (Editor)

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